What is the future of official statistics in the Big Data era?

Digital data are increasingly changing the shape of our world. At the same time, attention is also being paid to the woeful state of development data. 

This public event brought together leading experts who explored the potential of Big Data to transform national statistical systems as well as concerns about the reliability and representativeness of these data, and over ethics, privacy, and the blurring of lines between formal and informal data sources. 

The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index

The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI), a groundbreaking tool to measure the empowerment, agency and inclusion of women in the agriculture sector, has celebrated its second anniversary. The WEAI measures the empowerment, agency, and inclusion of women in the agriculture sector in an effort to identify ways to overcome those obstacles and constraints.

UNICEF Impact Evaluation Series: Data Collection & Analysis


Impact evaluations need to go beyond assessing the size of the effects (i.e., the average impact) to identify for whom and in what ways a programme or policy has been successful. This video provides an overview of the issues involved in choosing and using data collection and analysis methods for impact evaluations. 

ODI event: Tackling poverty: How multidimensional poverty measurement reveals who is poor, how they are poor, and where poverty has fallen

Watch the recorded presentations of the ODI event. In this event, the updated Global Multidimensional Poverty Index 2014 was presented, an international measure of acute poverty covering over 100 developing countries which provides invaluable insights for the post-2015 development agenda. 


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Stop Wasting Data - Chris Lysy - Interactive Data Visualization Coffee Break

Chris Lysy talks about the why and how behind interactive data visualization for the American Evaluation Association.

Wasted Data Cartoon by Chris Lysy

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Contribution to Change: An approach to evaluating the role of intervention in disaster recovery

Authors: Few, R. et alii. (for Oxfam)
Publication date: 2013

The purpose of the Contribution to Change approach is to identify how important and effective interventions have been in promoting people’s recovery. It does so by assessing:

CLEAR M&E Roundtable Series # 5 - Equity-Focused Evaluation Methods

CLEAR South Asia in partnership with the Community of Evaluators (CoE) and UNICEF held the fifth event in a series of M&E roundtables, focusing on equity-based evaluation methods. The presentations and discussions focused on the theory, value and practice of equity-based evaluation methods and their application in the South Asian context.


CLEAR M&E Roundtable Series # 4 - Evaluation Methods

This roundtable was the fourth in a series of M&E roundtables organised by CLEAR South Asia on Best Practices in Data Collection. It provided an introduction to of experimental evaluation and quasi-experimental methods.


CLEAR M&E Roundtable Series # 3 - Best Practices in Data Collection

This roundtable on Instrument Design was the third in a series of M&E roundtables organised by CLEAR South Asia on Best Practices in Data Collection. This roundtable aimed to communicate important steps and techniques in developing and testing data collection instruments. The roundtable included presentations and interactive sessions with M&E practitioners on instrument design.