Video of IEG Event: Why Focus on Results When No One Uses Them?

This is a video of the IEG event: Why Focus on Results When No One Uses Them? that took place on April 17, 2015. 
Who cares about getting results in development?  Everyone! But, how many know how to use evidence to drive and show results?  Probably not as many.

A world that counts: mobilising the data revolution for sustainable development.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has asked an Independent Expert Advisory Group to make concrete recommendations on bringing about a data revolution in sustainable development. The group presents its recommendations during this public event.

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Public randomization ceremonies

Randomization might- at first – sound like a scary word for health policy makers and professionals. They read medical journals and know from their training that randomized trials are scientifically rigorous designs to evaluate the impact of a program. But their first inclination might be to prefer to have the randomized trial in somebody else’s backyard. Randomization seems politically difficult. How to explain it to the people who will have to wait for the new intervention? Will it not create a backlash with the people who are randomly assigned to the control group?

SEA Change webinar "Presenting evaluation findings and evidence-based organizational learning"

This webinar was developed based on requests by SEA Change CoP members to learn more about presenting evaluation findings and the pre-requisites for their organization to better learn from evaluation findings. Mr. Glenn O'Neil looked at how to present evaluation findings, with a focus on different messages for different stakeholders in order to improve the use of evaluation findings. After that he discussed what it takes to become an evidence-based learning organization and gave some guidance on how to improve evidence-based learning in your organization.

PREVAL Training Workshop for Facilitators in M&E, Peru

PREVAL is an IFAD funded programme which aims to build national and local capacity to put in place results-based, participatory M&E systems. It promotes innovative, image based PME approaches. This video reports on a PREVAL´s training workshop for facilitators in monitoring and evaluation, held in July 2008, Peru.