CLEAR M&E Roundtable Series # 6 - Systematic Reviews

CLEAR South Asia in collaboration with Community of Evaluators and 3ie organized the sixth event in a series of M&E roundtables, focusing on “Systematic Reviews”. The presentations and discussions focused on systematic reviews of evaluations in water supply and sanitation, education and farmer field schools. There was also a presentation on the Cochrane Public Health Satellite review.

Speakers: (Part I)

Participatory Video for Advocacy CASE STUDY: Maternal Mortality in Burkina Faso

This project in Burkina Faso was developed by the White Ribbon Alliance to boost the ongoing campaign for reducing maternal mortality through voices from the ground. They chose 6 health workers and midwives to take part in a Participatory Video project. During the training we visited health services and families; talking to them, discussing and watching the films to make a film message that would raise awareness and give grassroots solutions for maternal mortality issues in Burkina.

Watch the video at

Public randomization ceremonies

Randomization might- at first – sound like a scary word for health policy makers and professionals. They read medical journals and know from their training that randomized trials are scientifically rigorous designs to evaluate the impact of a program. But their first inclination might be to prefer to have the randomized trial in somebody else’s backyard. Randomization seems politically difficult. How to explain it to the people who will have to wait for the new intervention? Will it not create a backlash with the people who are randomly assigned to the control group?

Video: TED-X Nijmegen on Brilliant failure

TEDxNijmegen 2013 had a 'real' therapeutical session, with a psychiatrist and on his sofa Henk Smid, director of ZonMw, the Dutch Organization for Health Research and Development. ZonMw funds health research and stimulates use of the knowledge developed to help improve health and healthcare. Smid was stressed and suffered from sleeplessness. The cause was that he found it very difficult to talk about failures his organization discovered.

Using ICTs to monitor the roll out of ARV therapy

This video illustrates the use of ICTs in South Africa to monitor the roll out of antiretroviral (ARV) Therapy. The efforts of various organisations are documented in facilitating the use of Personal Data Assistants or Palm Pilots in tracking those receiving ARV in the Free State.