NDS-ON PCIA; A Handbook for Peace And Conflict Impact Assessment, part 1

Author: K. Bush
Publication Date: October 2003

This handbook is a "hands-on," working, document which seeks to be practical and applicable. As a perpetual "work in progress", It is also a "working document" to be used and modified by users' to suit the particular needs -- as long as changes are true to the guiding principles outlined in the text, and are shared using the feedback mechanism noted below.

Livelihoods Connect

The Sustainable Livelihoods Toolbox contains draft presentations and draft project documentation, as well as familiarisation and follow-up materials on DFID training courses on the sustainable livelihoods approach.

Monitoring and Evaluating Information And Communcation For Development (ICD) Programmes. Guidelines

Author: Information and Communication for Development (ICD) and DFID 
Publication Date: 2005 

If you need advice on monitoring and evaluating Information and Communication for Development (ICD) programmes, these guidelines are for you.

Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit. HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis And Malaria

Author: World Health Organisation 
Publication Date: 2004 

To support the monitoring and evaluation sections a toolkit for the three diseases has been developed by a wide range of institutions. The purpose of the toolkit is to provide in one place the "essentials" of agreed upon best practice in M&E, by applying a common framework for the three diseases and providing users with references to key materials and resources.

National Guide To Monitoring And Evaluating Programmes For The Prevention Of HIV In Infants And Young Children

Author: World Health Organization 
Publication Date: 2004 

One important shortcoming is that insufficient attention is paid to the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of programmes for the prevention of HIV infection in infants and young children. The present guide is an attempt to fill this gap.

Hanbook Of Democracy And Governance Program Indicators

Author: Bureau for Global Programs, Field Support, and Research 
Publication Date: 1998 

This handbook was developed to enhance the ability of strategic objective teams - those USAID officers and their partners responsible for program management - to monitor progress in achieving planned results and use performance information to guide program implementation.

Evaluation toolkit

W.K. Kellogg Foundation's website

RealWorld Evaluation

Author: Michael Bamberg, Jim Rugh and Linda Mabry
Publication Date: 2006 

The RealWorld Evaluation approach was developed specifically to address the need for practical strategies on how to ensure the highest level of methodological rigor consistent with the circumstances under which the evaluation has to be conducted. 

TBP Manual for Action Planning

The TBP Manual for Action Planning (TBP MAP) is a collection of documents designed to orient policy makers and programme designers on Time-Bound Programmes. The TBP MAP consists of 5 Guide Books and numerous informative Papers detailing matters covered in the Guide Books.