The Partnering Toolbook

The Partnering Toolbook offers a concise overview of the essential elements that make for effective partnering.

Supernatural Belief and the Evaluation of Faith-based Peacebuilding

This briefing paper explains how Outcome Harvesting, as a utilization-focused approach that is complexity-sensitive, participatory and qualitative, could be used to evaluate faith-based reconciliation.

Shaping the Future of Global Food Systems: A Scenarios Analysis

"Food systems are central to human societies. Can we rely on them to feed 8.5 billion people in 2030 nutritiously and sustainably?"

This report presents scenarios for the future of global food systems. It aims to provoke and challenge leaders to think in new ways about what the future may bring and to motivate action on the key issues that will shape that future.


The Global Social Change Research Project's website offers a collection of free statistics books, guides and links to other sites providing similar lists. 

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Evaluation Matters: Value for Money in Development

eVALUation Matters is a quarterly publication from Independent Development Evaluation at the African Development Bank Group. It provides different perspectives and insights on evaluation and development issues. This issue focuses on the concept of value for money in development work.

Video: Integrating evidence and theory

Michael Woolcock speaks about finding more effective ways to use evaluation to assess both the internal and external validity of complex interventions. He also stresses how currently preferred impact evaluation methods were often inadequate to address the complexities of local contexts, especially in sanitation.

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Evaluation Glossary

The Evaluation Glossary App was developed by Kylie Hutchinson of Community Solutions Planning & Evaluation. It combines over 600 terms related to evaluation, program planning, and research derived from various sources.

Video: Difference between an outcome and an output

Number 4 in outcomes theorist Dr Paul Duignan's Three Minute Outcomes video series. The distinction between an outcome and an output is important in many types of outcomes system.

Video: How to manage a randomised evaluation

Managing a randomised evaluation can involve addressing several challenges on the ground. In this video, Professor Howard White explores specific issues such as the need for securing the buy-in of key stakeholders, ensuring realistic timelines and overcoming opposition to randomisation.

Video: How to design a randomised evaluation

Randomised evaluations generate rigorous evidence on the impact of a programme. In this video, Professor Howard White explains the different designs of a randomised evaluation and shows how to choose the right design for an intervention.