Livlihood Development

The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index


The Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI), a groundbreaking tool to measure the empowerment, agency and inclusion of women in the agriculture sector, has celebrated its second anniversary. The WEAI measures the empowerment, agency, and inclusion of women in the agriculture sector in an effort to identify ways to overcome those obstacles and constraints.

World development report 2014: risk and opportunity - managing risk for development


The WDR 2014 argues that risk management can be a powerful instrument for development—not only by building people’s resilience and thus reducing the effects of adverse events but also by allowing them to take advantage of opportunities for improvement. This presentation at the UK launch of the report clarifies the importance, objectives and components of risk management, and what these imply for all societal levels, ranging from the individual to the international community.

CLEAR M&E Roundtable Series # 6 - Systematic Reviews


CLEAR South Asia in collaboration with Community of Evaluators and 3ie organized the sixth event in a series of M&E roundtables, focusing on “Systematic Reviews”. The presentations and discussions focused on systematic reviews of evaluations in water supply and sanitation, education and farmer field schools. There was also a presentation on the Cochrane Public Health Satellite review.

Speakers: (Part I)

Participatory Video for Community Consultation CASE STUDY - Solar Power in Turkmenistan


With the participatory video project starting in 1999, a film made by the community led to InsightShare’s “Solar Power = Community Power” project, enabling the community to take action and address these key issues they had identified.

Livelihood Assets Status Tracking - A Case from Rajasthan


Authors: Richard Bond and Neela Mukherjee 
Publication Date: 2001 

Very interesting tool that can be applied in many fields of work!

Markets, Institutions and Technology: missing links in livelihoods analysis


Authors: A. Dorward, N. Poole, J. Morrison, J. Kydd, I. Urey
Publication Date: 2003 (Development Policy Review)

This article focuses on an important gap in much of the conceptualisation and application of 'livelihood approaches'- a lack of emphasis on markets and their roles in livelihood development and poverty reduction.

Livelihood asset status tracking: an impact monitoring tool?


Authors: BOND and MUKHERJEE 
Publication Date: 2002 (Journal of International Development)

This paper raises the issue of what kind of monitoring system can serve the learning needs of livelihood improvement projects which follow a process approach. It is concerned, in particular, with monitoring not only achievement of planned project outputs, but also with higher level project impacts normally needed to achieve project purpose or goal.