Risk Management

Monitoring & evaluation for climate change adaptation: A synthesis of tools, frameworks and approaches


Authors: Bours, D., McGinn, C. & Pringle, P. (for SEA Change CoP, UKCIP)
Publication date: 2013

This report represents a synthesis and summary of frameworks for the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of climate change adaptation (CCA) interventions, with a specific focus on international development projects and programs.

The objective of this report is to:

Complexity, Modeling, and Natural Resource Management


Authors: Cilliers, P. et alii. (for the Resilience Alliance)
Publication date: 2013, In: Ecology and Society 18 (3): 1

This paper contends that natural resource management (NRM) issues are, by their very nature, complex and that both scientists and managers in this broad field will benefit from a theoretical understanding of complex systems. It starts off by presenting the core features of a view of complexity that not only deals with the limits to our understanding, but also points toward a responsible and motivating position.

Results management in norwegian development cooperation: A practical guide


Author: Norad
Publication date: 2008

Findings from Management Reviews of Norwegian development cooperation reveal a need and a demand for a practical introduction to the main concepts, principles and especially tools of results management. This short guide is an attempt to respond to that demand, the purpose being to increase staff’s knowledge of the main principles of results and risk management and what it means in practical terms throughout the various stages of programme management.

Assessment of sustainability elements/key risk factors practical guide


Author: Norad
Publication date: 2010

The Practical Guide is a supportive document for carrying out screening of relevant sustainability elements/key risk factors. The Guide is designed to be of practical use when identifying, assessing and documenting the effects and risks of a programme, among these the cross cutting issues referred to in the various grant scheme rules.

Strategic Risk Management for Development NGOs: The Case of a Grant-maker


Author: Ricardo Wilson-Grau 
Publication Date: November 2004 (Journal of DIplomacy and International Relations)

The first part of this article describes how strategic management of risk can make a difference to organizational operations in the fast-paced, demanding environment of development NGOs. The second part draws on the experience of a major Dutch private donor NGO to exemplify applying strategic risk management to the grant-awarding process.

Visions of Risk. A Review of International Indicators of Disaster Risk and its Management


Author: Mark Pelling
Publication Date: 2004 

Coordinated by the UN Development Programme (UNDP), Vision of Risks: A Review of Global Indicators of Disaster Risk and its Management reviews three important initiatives which represent the first comprehensive global and regional assessments of disaster risk: