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Tools & Methods



Logframer 1.0 is a free project management application for projects based on the logical framework method. Logframer was designed with NGO projects for development and humanitarian assistance in mind, but can also be used for other kinds of projects in other sectors.

The basic idea behind Logframer is to provide aid actors such as NGOs, non-profit organisations, donor agencies and so on with a simple, versatile and free tool that makes designing projects an easier task (and more fun).

Scenario Analysis

Aim of the toolScenario analysis is meant to help explore into the future on the basis of current trends and developments. The future may unfold in different ways (scenarios) and this analysis is meant to help people be more ready to deal with what the future will bring.
When to use it?Scenario Analysis can be used during various points during an evaluation and under varying conditions


Aim of the toolTo generate a common goal, hope, encouragement and creative thinking and passion
When to use it?This tool can be best used at the start of the planning phase of an MSP