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Tools & Methods


Digital tools for M&E

Aim of the tool 
There are some differences between the various kinds of digital tools out there, but in general, they aim to facilitate collaborative data collection, analysis, visualisation and/or sharing. 

When to use it? 
These tools may be especially useful when project staff and stakeholders are spread across the world. 

Tool for thought or tool for action? 
Tool for thought and for action

Talking stick

Aim of the tool 
To share observations or reflections within a group. A "talking stick" is passed around in a circle, and only the person holding it, is allowed to talk.

When to use it? 
This tool is suitable if you want a group to listen to share and listen to each other without discussion or dialogue. It is a nice, quiet way for everybody to say a few words.

How difficult is it to use it? 
Easy – moderate – for experienced users/facilitators