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Tools & Methods


Objective tree

Aim of the tool
It provides a vision of a future, improved situation.

When to use it?
Carried out after doing the problem analysis using the problem tree tool

Scenario Analysis/Planning Tool

Aim of the tool 
Make participants think about possible futures, as well as stimulate creative and forward thinking.

When to use it?
Situation analysis and planning


Aim of the tool
To have a focused discussion around people’s dreams or shared vision for the future of a project or other activity. It also helps to generate a common goal, to give hope and encouragement and promote creative thinking and passion

When to use it?
When you want to analyse opportunities or define a vision, usually after the situation analysis and before developing your theory of change

Logical Framework Approach

Aim of the method/approach
To plan and manage development projects

When to use it?
The logical framework or logframe is best used at an early stage of a programme or project for design purposes. It is difficult to use a logframe to review and/or restructure ongoing activities, especially when the programmes or projects were not designed using logframe principles and practices.