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Tools & Methods



Aim of the tool
To develop the storyline of the change process that you envisage in relation to your (proposed) development initiative

When to use it?
Once you have described the actual situation, you can use it as input into your final planning process of the intervention (e.g., consolidation in logical framework, etc.)


Aim of the tool
To communicate your M&E findings in a lively manner

When to use it?
You can use this tool mid-way through an intervention process or at the end of the intervention to express the findings of the evaluation in a novel way.

Developmental evaluation

Aim of the approach
To help innovations, such as change processes or products, adapt to complex, dynamic environments.

When to use it
As the approach is responsive to a developing situation, it is suitable when the road ahead is uncertain.

Online polling and quizzing

Online polling tools can be used to engage an audience and get a quick impression of what a group of people thinks. You can easily create a quick poll with a few questions, and show the given answers (entered on the participants' cellphones) on your screen. Examples of such tools are Mentimeter, Metaphora and Poll Everywhere.

Process Tracing

Aim of the tool
To look at causal inference and provide alternative, possible explanations for social phenomena

When to use it?
You can use this tool for analysing data for an evaluation

Utilization-focused evaluation

Aim of the tool
To conduct an evaluation that is useful to its intended users.

When to use it?
This tool is useful for evaluation.

Contribution tracing

More info to follow but here some vlogs on contribution tracing:

A new vlog series on Contribution Tracing. The series has 5 short videos, each less than 4 minutes long, providing an introduction to this innovative impact evaluation approach. Don’t worry if you have never heard of Contribution Tracing – the first vlog will explain all.

Balanced scorecard

Aim of the tool
The balanced scorecard (BSC) to keep track of the execution of activities by the staff within their control and to monitor the consequences arising from these actions

When to use it?
This tool is useful to clearly communicate an organisation’s accountability.

Focus group discussion

Aim of the tool
To give information on how groups of people think or feel about a particular topic and give greater insight into why certain opinions are held. To help improve the planning and design of new programmes and provide a means of evaluating existing programmes.

When to use it?
This tool is useful at the beginning of an intervention, but can also be used for evaluation purposes.

Sustainable livelihoods security framework

Aim of the tool
This framework tool aims to help analyse and understand the main factors affecting the livelihood of poor people and their mechanisms for dealing with them. It also helps you to understand the context, assets, structures and processes, to develop livelihood strategies and achieve outcomes

When to use it?
It is a tool that can be used in different situations, for example, during the design phase, for programme analysis, and during monitoring and evaluation. It is used when you want to develop a more comprehensive and integrated understanding of poverty and livelihoods of people, in particular